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Ready to ship L3 Unfilmed Manticore-R (UANVB-FCR)

  • $10,499.00
  • $10,499.00

This L3 Unfilmed Manticore-R is built and ready to ship with no lead time! The Manticore-R is a feature packed goggle developed by Nocturn Industries and has a lifetime housing warranty on top of our standard full warranty. Features of the Manticore-R include: manual gain control, full range of articulation, individual pod on/off when articulated, on-board illuminator, integrated inter-pupillary distance stops (IPD), adjustable diopters, and a LEMO port for remote battery pack use. The Manticore-R maintains all of these features all while being made of a super rugged yet lightweight 7075 aluminum construction.

Please note: Any color differences in the photos are a result of the camera auto balance correction.  

Tube images were captured while on the Hoffman ANV-126A viewing the spot target/reticle and may not reflect all cosmetic aspects; pepper, lighting, shadows, etc. Device image is a stock photo and is not the exact individual photo of your device housing and lens.

Includes: device, data sheet, lens wipes, objective lens covers (day cap), ocular lens covers.

The Manticore-R from Nocturn Industries (Ultralight Articulating Night Vision Binocular - Full Control Ruggedized) (UANVB-OCR) “Manticore-Ruggedized” is an articulating binocular housing constructed of high strength 7075-T6 aluminum with a full feature set. Using advanced multi-axis CNC machining the Manticore R is able to achieve incredible strength while remaining incredibly lightweight. This Manticore-R feature set includes: digital manual gain control, individual pod stow shutoff, IPD stops, user adjustable pod tension, IR-illuminator & indicator, and low battery indicator. The Manticore-R is powered on-board by a single CR123A for a continuous runtime of ~25 hours.


CNC machined 7075-T6 & 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum, aerospace Grade 4 Titanium.



Mil-standard Type III class II hard anodize, H-Series Cerakote


Tube Type

3 contact pad style 18mm MX-11769, 18mm MX-11769 style with EGAC pigtail removed, and replaced with adapter or MX-10160 with loss of manual gain.


IR Illuminator



Individual Pod on/off

Yes, individually.


Housing Weight

6.17 oz. / 0.38 lbs / 175g


Device Weight Standard

19.79 oz. / 1.24 lbs / 561 g

(Mil-Spec PVS-14 lenses and Photonis Image Intensifiers)


Device Weight Lightweight

16.5 oz. / 1.03 lbs / 468 g

(RPO 3.0 PVS-14 lenses and Photonis Image Intensifiers)


On-Board Power

CR123A onboard with a runtime of ~25hours


Out-Board Power

Yes, LEMO port


Manual Gain Control

Yes, Digital tactile push buttons


Ingress rating

Exceeds IP-68, and MIL-STD-810H



Lifetime repair or replacement of all housing components no questions asked. (Does not cover damages to intensifier tubes or lens assemblies).

We build our devices using our suite of in house state of the art equipment, including the Hoffman Engineering ANV-126A Test Set and HVS Vision System. The same equipment tube manufacturers such as Elbit Systems of America and L3Harris Technologies use. This allows us to remove any subjectivity in assembly and maintain the absolute highest degree of precision possible. What this equates to is a device built to an exceeding degree of quality and to exacting standards.