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In alignment with our core values, we build our devices with the utmost care and with meticulous attention to detail. We conduct multiple inspections and tests throughout the build process. We possess a full suite of industry leading tooling and test equipment; including our state-of-the-art Hoffman Engineering ANV-126VS (Hoffman ANV-126A-001 and HVS-126A test set). The very same equipment intensifier tube manufacturers utilize, such as L3Harris and Elbit Systems of America. This allows us to build and calibrate our devices to the highest degree of precision as possible.

Processes include:
• Diopter calibration
• Infinity focus adjustment and calibration
• Gain testing and evaluation
• Output window screen cosmetics and dark spot inspection and validation
• Intensifier distortion testing
• High and low-light resolution testing
• Collimation of dual optical channel devices
• and more


All of our devices are built, calibrated, and tested using industry leading tooling and test equipment. Our Hoffman Engineering ANV-126A coupled with the HVS Vision System allows us to calibrate devices with the utmost precision. Further, we are able to test and evaluate device parameters beyond human capability, ensuring absolute precision in calibration. Proper wrenches, drivers, spanners, and other specialized tools are required by the DOD to ensure proper assembly, while not damaging sensitive components. In addition to the proper specialized tooling and test equipment, we also utilize a controlled closed environment positive pressure air filtration system, laminar flow benches, and routine cleaning procedures in our clean build room. This allows us to maintain as clean an atmosphere as possible for device assembly and maintenance.

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