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RAD Mod (Rapid Adjust Divergence Mod)

  • $9.99
  • $14.99
- $5.00

The Rapid Adjust Divergence (RAD) Modification is a simple and effective aid for superior control of illumination divergence adjustment. The RAD Mod is constructed of an impact and weather resistant nylon polymer (Nylon 11). The RAD Mod™ Kit includes both a bi wing and tri wing variation, as well as the necessary (corrosion resistant) installation screw. A 5/64” hex will be needed to install the screw, which is not included. Do not overtighten. 

The variation for the Wilcox RAID Xe is the first to launch with others soon to come.


  • (1) 3 Wing RAD Mod
  • (1) 2 Wing RAD Mod
  • (1) Installation Screw

These will ship in a small bag with the above contents.