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Photonis High Gain Green Phosphor Image Intensifier Tube MX-11769 Format

  • $1,999.00
  • $2,499.00
- $500.00

These Photonis High Gain image intensifier tubes feature industry leading auto-gating technology and operate at a higher gain level than standard Photonis tubes. This allows for very impressive low light performance, while maintaining the benefits of Photonis’ ultra fast auto-gating and hybrid multi-alkali photocathode technology. To convert the gain value on the Photonis data sheet to an equivalent US Gen 3 gain value, multiply the gain value by 3.14159. Example: 27,000 gain multiplied by 3.14159 = 84,822.93. The gain number reflected on the intensifier data sheet will be listed in EU format (number not converted).

These are 11769 format but can be converted to 10160.

This product listing is for an intensifier tube only. No housing, tools, or any other items are included other than the intensifier tube data sheet.