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Ops-Core Counterweight

  • $84.95



Ops-Core rear counterweight kit helps provide a stable fit by balancing the weight load placed on the front of the helmet from mounted items including cameras, visors, night vision binoculars/goggles/monoculars and flashlights;

Prevents the helmet from "nose-diving" due to unbalanced weight


  • Customizable weight management system with (5) 70g removable weights and (5) elastic pockets
  • Total weight of the system is 0.85lbs (385g)
  • Elastic pockets can stretch to fit (2) weights or (1) weight and (1) battery (AA, AAA or 123)
  • Mounts to the rear of the helmet with custom anchors using the existing helmet holes with longer ballistic screws (provided)
  • Anchors remain on the helmet while the counterweight can be removed quickly and reattached as needed
  • Rear Velcro attachment ensures secure positioning
  • Features a Chemlight window and Velcro patch for Glint tape for use with low light IFF