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Low Profile Sacrificial Lens

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Our low profile PVS-14 sacrificial lenses/windows provide a layer of protection against scratches, dust, dirt, and other debris. The new and improved Gen 2 version maintains the same protection at a lower profile. Our sacrificial lenses will fit any device equipped with standard PVS-14 pattern glass. We opted for a high transmission impact and scratch-resistant polycarbonate to keep weight to a minimum, while protruding as little as possible. Pinhole covers (Day Filter) can fit over our low profile sacrificial lens. Installation is quick and easy; simply thread our Low Profile Sacrificial Lenses into the lenses of your device and you’re good to go. Our new Gen 2 variant features a knurled front face for easier installation and removal.

In our testing, these are compatible with Standard PVS-14 pattern lenses (Noctis Technologies, Elbit, and other Mil-Spec lenses).

Will also fit: DTNVS, RNVG, RNVG-A (ARNVG), RPNVG, UANVB KATANA, MANTICORE, BNVD-1531, and other devices that utilize standard PVS-14 pattern glass.

*While we use a scratch resistant polycarbonate, these lenses will scratch under rough or extreme conditions. They are intended as a sacrificial barrier to protect the lenses of your device. It is significantly more cost effective to replace a sac lens than it is to replace the actual lenses of your device. Remember, a lens replacement of your device typically involves a full tear down and rebuild of the system. Not only are the lenses themselves expensive, but there may be a labor amount too.