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PVS-14 Package

  • $3,499.00

In addition to this pre-constructed package, we also offer custom packages to fit individual needs. If you would like to have a custom package constructed please contact us.

This package includes:

  • PVS-14 in your preferred tube type
  • Wilcox Dovetail Mount. Color may depend on availability.
  • Dovetail J Arm (AX14 Pro, photos updating soon)
  • Team Wendy LTP Bump Helmet (Black or Coyote Brown)

This is everything you need to get started. Counterweight, strobe, lanyard, etc. are individual preference items and not included; a helmet is a very personal piece of equipment. We encourage you to try new equipment and pieces of kit that supplement the basics, as each person has their own preferred way of setting up their helmet.


Helmet Sizing:

SIZE 1 (M/L) 21 1/2 – 23 1/2 55 – 60 6 7/8 – 7 1/2
SIZE 2 (XL) up to 24 3/4 up to 63 up to 7 7/8



  • These are 1400+ Minimum FOM auto-gated auto-gain white phosphor intensifiers in 10160 format. This means the manual gain function on the PVS-14 body is non functioning as there is no manual gain controller on the intensifier tube. NNVT are a value minded option offering a functional capability at a modest price point. In a comparative sense these are similar to Photonis tubes in maintaining great resolution across light levels. We use auto-gated NNVT tubes not the non auto-gated tubes and calling them auto-gated as can be found on the internet. 


    • FOM is typically 1800-2400+ and can sometimes range much higher than this too.
    • We do our best to hold these to Mil-Spec spot specification minimum with many exceeding Aviator spot specification. 

    L3  Gen 3 Unfilmed 

    • Unfilmed (2300+ FOM Common)
    • Exceeds spot specification minimum
    • We sort and batch our tubes to ensure all have as clean screen cosmetics and high specifications as possible. Each exceeding the minimum standards for its type.
    • L3 Unfilmed High FOM option. These tubes are hand selected from our available Mil-Spec and Aviator tubes to achieve the highest specification possible with as clean screen cosmetics as possible (2400-2800+ Common).