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Direct Payment Options

This method is optional. 
If bank deposit or cashier’s check payment method is selected a $100 savings for monocular devices and $175 for dual tube devices will be applied. This will not show during checkout. We are charged less processing fees and pass the savings onto you. You will not be charged at time of checkout. You will receive an email with a payment link and account information.

You must provide a valid email and phone number at checkout. Be sure to check your inbox and junk folder for correspondence.

Step 1: Select preferred direct payment method
Step 2: Make sure you input a correct and valid email address before finishing checkout - then complete checkout.
Step 3: Check your inbox and spam folder for a payment request from our banking partner and remit payment. If cashier's check was selected an email will be sent with our mailing address and order total confirmation. 
Step 4: Enjoy your new Night Vision!
If you do not see bank deposit or cashiers check methods shown click alternative payment methods. Then go through to the payment screen and select the desired method. 

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