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The TLR VIR II EFL increases your TLR VIR II’s punch in illumination power significantly. While it doesn’t increase emitter output it does focus the emitter strength into a substantially more powerful beam of illumination.

The TLR VIR II EFL is a lightweight front cap which focuses the stock infrared flood illumination of the TLR VIR II into a powerful 15° beam. The power and concentration increase multiplies the effective range of the TLR VIR II several fold. We selected a state of the art nylon polymer for the main body of the TLR VIR II EFL. The focusing lens a precision cut anti-reflective coating lens, made custom for the TLR VIR II EFL. What this means is we’re able to keep the TLR VIR II as lightweight as possible while maintaining maximum durability. The TLR VIR II EFL will provide you with dependable performance.


Slide your EFL onto the TLR VIR II. Gently tighten the clamping mechanism at the top of the device with a 5/64 hex key just until snug. Do not over tighten.

Small rotational adiustments to the external focusing lens can be made by slightly rotating the housing. This will allow you to align the illuminator with the aiming laser.

Do not over tighten clamp. Stripping or damage from over tightening is not covered by warranty.  

  •   Only use Streamlight's 1913-1 Rail
    Key for proper alignment over pic rails.
  •   Do not look into any active emitter during installation.
  •   The TLR-VIR II EFL will not work on
    ANY other device except for the TLR-VIR II.
  •   The TLR-VIR II EFL may not be compatible with holsters previous compatible with the TLR-VIR II.


Weight: 9g

Size: 31.95mm x 33.1mm diameter

Approximate Divergence: 260mrad (15°)

Lens may be coated or clear and does not alter performance or function. Lens appearance is based on lens manufacturer availability. TLR VIR II not included.