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PVS-14 Sacrificial Lens

  • $9.99
  • $35.99
- $26.00

The PVS-14 Sacrificial Lens is an invaluable accessory for users who work in environments with dust, dirt, and debris. The PVS-14 Sacrificial Lens can protect the Objective Lens of the PVS-14 (and other night vision devices) from damage due to bumps, scrapes, scratches and transport. The PVS-14 Sacrificial Lens will fit any device equipped with standard PVS-14 pattern lens assemblies. (PVS-14, DTNVS, RNVG, RPNVG, ARNVG, UANVB, BNVD-1531, etc).

These PVS-14 Sacrificial Lenses are friction fit and simply press on to the objective lens. These are sold individually. If you require two please order two.