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Wilcox G24 Lite Breakaway Mount

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The Wilcox L4 G24 Lite low profile breakaway night vision mount is an improvement on the tried and true G24 mount. We approached Wilcox requesting a mounting solution that is a hybrid of the renowned G24 and lightweight G69 mounts. The G24 Lite breakaway night vision mount was a hidden menu item, so to speak, of which we requested to have put in production last year. These have been in the works for some time and we are excited to introduce them into the commercial space.

What’s the difference between the G24 and G24 Lite? The G24 Lite utilizes the lightweight travel carriage of the G69 mount (which does not contain magnets) for a 12% weight savings, while maintaining durability for rigorous use. The Wilcox G24 Lite weighs 5.19 ounces, in comparison to 5.86-5.91 of the non Lite model. The G24 Lite maintains the same extended travel distance as the standard current generation G24 line of mounts.

You may be wondering, what do the magnets do and why doesn’t the G24 Lite have them? The magnets used in the non Lite model work with the Wilcox auto off J Arm to allow for the auto off function when a PVS-14 is put to stow. This arm has been discontinued; for the vast majority of all other devices commonly used and other mounting solutions used, the magnets serve no purpose and only contribute to total weight. It is for this reason we sought to introduce the Wilcox G24 Lite to the commercial market. 

The Wilcox G24 Lite low profile breakaway mount, like it’s sibling the G24, have become the industry standard for night vision goggle mounting solutions. With a dovetail shoe interface, the G24 Lite offers near universal mounting compatibility. During the G24 Lite’s initial development, extensive operational input was considered and since it’s initial fielding, millions of operational hours have established operator muscle memory. Pioneering the “break away” feature, safety is built into this mount’s design; Under stress, the mount will break away from the base, reducing the potential for neck injury. This mount can be summarized in one word – quality. The superior finish, attention to design and functionality, the G24 Lite optimizes the use of your night vision google.