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The USGI PVS-14 J Arm uses a bayonet/horn interface and attaches to bayonet/horn interface night vision mounts, such as the USGI Rhino. These are the bare minimum option you need to attach your PVS-14 to a USGI Rhino mount or other bayonet/horn interface for headborne use. The user can position the monocular over either eye via an adjustment knob on the USGI J Arm.

These will not work with a dovetail interface. Fitment may be tight as tolerances between mounts and arms can vary a little. It’s not uncommon to forcibly insert the arm into the mount or require some fitment. Just exercise caution as they are plastic.

These are also referred to as PVS-14 transfer arms, PVS-14 J Arm, PVS-14 J-Arm, USGI J Arm, USGI J-Arm, etc.