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Panobridge M-SEVEN | 1.6 oz Metal Night Vision Bridge offering Wide Field of View

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Panobridge™ M-SEVEN is an advanced, incredibly lightweight, all-metal night vision bridge mount that provides a panoramic field of view with milspec AN/PVS-14s. At an industry-leading 1.6 oz total, it weighs 16% less than a single milspec J-Arm, yet its structure is composed entirely of high-performance 7075-T6 aluminum alloy. Introducing an entirely new way to see more of the dark.


Building on our experience designing and launching the world's first Adjustable Field of View night vision bridge mount, the Panobridge Mk3 (and its earlier iterations), the patent pending, all-metal Noisefighters Panobridge M-SEVEN blazes its own path with a vastly more rigid design that still provides a panoramic view by exploiting the brain's ability to merge split images from two outward-angled monoculars into one cohesive picture. The so-called tube effect that is traditionally experienced with single or dual intensifiers is eliminated. With the resulting wide-view image, you can enjoy vastly improved situational awareness and the feeling like you're not even looking through image intensifying tubes. 

Whether it's driving a vehicle and seeing through nearly the entire windshield or clearing a building and not missing an unexpected visitor coming down the stairs in your periphery, the Noisefighters Panobridge M-SEVEN will open up new possibilities for efficient and safe work at night, allowing you to focus more on the task at hand and less on panning and scanning for threats or points of interest. Since the bridge provides a locked field of view approximating 55 degrees wide with milspec optics installed, there is no concern about components being bumped out of place or requiring adjustment during strenuous activities. 


The Noisefighters Panobridge M-SEVEN weighs only 1.6 oz total in its standard configuration, making it the lightest metal bridge mount ever offered for professional use. This is approximately 70% less weight than the KVC® Universal Night Vision Bridge with OSS shoe sets installed, approximately 36% less than the IC® Dual PVS-14 Light Weight Mounting System, and is even 16% lighter than a milspec polymer J-Arm. We have optimized rigidity, strength, and durability while following the Marine Corps adage of, "Ounces equal pounds, and pounds equal pain." With Nightline, Inc. NL914C Power Packs installed on each AN/PVS-14, it is possible to achieve panoramic night vision with a total weight of 21.6 oz, or 20.0 oz with RPO lightweight lenses installed, or 15.9 oz with Nocturn Industries Tanto monoculars + RPO lightweight lenses. Depending on the configuration, this can be lighter than traditional night vision goggles that do not include panoramic viewing capabilities.



Even though it is ultralight and rigid, durability is still our top priority, and Panobridge M-SEVEN is essentially indestructible due to the sole use of high-performance 7075-T6 aluminum for the entire structure. We have successfully conducted 2 meter drop tests on concrete with the Panobridge M-SEVEN connected to +10% heavier AN/PVS-14 models, and we will continue to be as transparent as possible by publishing an unfiltered list of components damaged by customers right here. With thousands of our existing bridges in use and less than a handful of reported parts breakages of the core components over the last few years, plus a confirmation from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation that our earlier-generation polymer bridge was successfully tested and then fielded during warrant service operations and manhunts, we are confident that this improved, all-metal product is more than sufficient for duty use anywhere, anytime.

Photo composite showing the use of a handheld thermal imager placed between laterally rotated (“panned out”) AN/PVS-14 monoculars and used directly in conjunction with Noisefighters Panobridge, courtesy of Nick Chen, journalist with The Firearm Blog.

The Noisefighters Panobridge M-SEVEN also changes the game by introducing the ability to peer through the gap between laterally-rotated monoculars with an unaided eye to use a handheld thermal imager, or aim pistol sights, or view a scene using ambient light to better gauge distance, texture, color, or lighting. This is similar to the technique provided by using a single PVS-14 on a J-Arm, but it is now available for multi-tube use.





In addition, both monoculars attached to the Noisefighters Panobridge M-SEVEN may be individually swung upwards, out of the line of sight, without disturbing the adjacent device's positioning. For extended periods when one eye must view scenes unaided by night vision or instead aided by a thermal vision system, this added articulation feature is crucial. This feature also allows the PVS-14's to better hug the helmet when the entire assembly is folded back in the stowed position, leading to a more balanced center of gravity and a reduced possibility of impacting door frames or other objects above the head.


A no-questions-asked, transferable lifetime warranty is included. The patent pending Noisefighters Panobridge M-SEVEN is proudly made and assembled in the U.S.A. and was designed by a Marine Corps combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. 



We will soon offer a separate adapter to mount thermal monoculars that utilize the Mini-Rail / MUM attachment method, such as FLIR® Breach, Infiray® MH-25 / RH-25 (with mini-rail installed), Sionyx® OPSIN, or the MUM-14 night vision monocular.

For those using the high-performance Infiray® RH-25 or AGM StingIR or similar thermal devices with male dovetail mounts installed, we will also soon offer a separate quick-detach (QD) adapter for the fastest installation and removal.