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Ultra Low Profile Sacrificial Lens

  • $34.99
  • $39.99
- $5.00

Our Ultra Low Profile PVS-14 Sacrificial Lenses/windows provide a layer of protection against scratches, dust, dirt, and other debris. Our new “LIF style” Ultra Low Profile Sacrificial Lens offers protection with the lowest profile on the market. The Ultra Low Profile Sacrificial Lens will fit any device equipped with standard PVS-14 pattern lenses. We opted for a high transmission impact and scratch-resistant polycarbonate to keep weight to a minimum, while protruding as little as possible. Pinhole covers (Day Filter) can fit over our Ultra Low Profile Sacrificial Lens. Installation is quick and easy; simply thread our Ultra Low Profile Sacrificial Lenses into the lenses of your device and you’re good to go.

In our testing, these are compatible with Standard PVS-14 pattern lenses (Noctis Technologies, Elbit, and other Mil-Spec lenses).

Will also fit: DTNVS, RNVG, RNVG-A (ARNVG), RPNVG, UANVB KATANA, MANTICORE, BNVD-1531, and other devices that utilize standard PVS-14 pattern glass.

*While we use a scratch resistant polycarbonate, these lenses will scratch under rough or extreme conditions. They are intended as a sacrificial barrier to protect the lenses of your device. It is significantly more cost effective to replace a sac lens than it is to replace the actual lenses of your device. Remember, a lens replacement of your device typically involves a full tear down and rebuild of the system. Not only are the lenses themselves expensive, but there may be a labor amount too.