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Cable Management Patch

  • $4.99
  • $9.99
- $5.00

The Cable Management Patch is a laser cut 3.5 inch x 2 inch hook backed flexible patch made using genuine NYCO Ripstop fabric and licensed MultiCam® patterns. The Cable Management Patch is intended as a simple and clean solution for helmet cable management and is still a patch if you want to just put it anywhere.

NYCO Ripstop was selected for its flexibility while maintaining excellent abrasion resistance. We chose to produce these using high temperature heat bonding with precision laser cut and sealed edges rather than conventional die cut and stick on adhesive. What this means is we’re able to keep our patch as thin and durable as possible with no sewn folded over fabric flaps, loose frayed edges, or excess material. High temperature heat bonding provides the most secure seal between the hook base and NYCO Ripstop fabric, while the laser cut edge helps to mitigate wear as well. The Black variant are made using Cordura which also has excellent abrasion resistance.

Normal patches, or even duct tape, will work just fine in managing cables on your helmet. This just does it better than most other patches and looks a lot better than duct tape. If you don’t have any cables to manage you can still rock it as just a patch.

We offer The Cable Management Patch in these colorways:


MultiCam Black™

MultiCam Arid™

Ranger Green



Please note: There will be varying pattern and color density or spread in the licensed MultiCam® patterns. This means no two patches will be identical in pattern color mixing and there may be patches with less or more color variations. This is the nature of the licensed MultiCam® patterns.