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SBC (Spare Battery Compartment)

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The SBC™ (Spare Battery Compartment) was designed as a compact battery storage solution to utilize unused rail space, or to be tied down to whatever you see fit. While our original SBC from years ago was a great product and remains in use today in a professional capacity, we wanted to update the design to add more functionality and increase durability. Our new Gen 2 SBC can be ran in rail clamp or tie down configuration (with the clamp components removed). The SBC is constructed of a high strength nylon polymer with corrosion resistant hardware. The cap of the SBC features an integrated tether point and a double seal to keep out moisture.

Many modern configurations include not only a white light requiring a battery, but also a laser device of some type, not to mention night vision devices too. Having several pieces of equipment consuming batteries means replenishment is all the more important. The SBC™ offers a compact and secure solution for carrying a readily accessible spare battery. This is particularly useful for setups that don’t feature internal stock or grip storage space.

The SBC™ is a battery storage device primarily intended for use with a primary cell CR123A. However, it can accept either a CR123A or an 18350 battery, with the included 18350 battery cap.

The SBC™ can be installed almost anywhere there is rail space for it or even tied around an optic base, or wherever you see fit. The integrated pass through is intentional for shock cord or gutted 550 tie down use.


  • Includes 3/32” Hex Key
  • Clamp Base
  • O-Ring
  • CR123 Cap
  • 18350 Cap
  • Base Nut
  • Base Screw

*Does not include battery


  • Durable nylon polymer construction
  • Integrated tie down pass through
  • Integrated cap tether point
  • Ultralight construction with double weather resistant seals