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PVS-14 Objective Lens Cap

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This is an accessory for the PVS-14 night vision monocular intended to protect the lens in transport or storage while providing a means for monetary test function. You might have heard of this referred to as a PVS-14 Day Cap, PVS-14 Day Cover, PVS-14 Dust Cover, PVS-14 Objective Lens Cap, PVS-14 Objective Lens Cover, so on. They all are the same thing. Despite being referred to as a “day cap” or “daylight filter” we DO NOT advise using night vision during daylight hours even when capped. This can still be damaging to the intensifier, yes even when covered.

We recommend these for storage, transport, or depth of field increase uses. 

Replacement rubber cap for PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular or PVS-7B/D Night Vision Goggle or any Night Vision Device that uses Mil-Spec sized PVS-14 lens assemblies. The PVS-14 Objective Lens Cap press-fits onto the objective lens. There is a small hole in the center to allow enough light for brief function-tests during daylight hours. It is not advised to operate night vision devices during daylight hours even when capped. This is intended for very brief uses only. Intensifiers can be damaged if exposed to light while capped. It is the users responsibility to care for their device and the user holds sole responsibility and liability in using their device. 

These will fit any device equipped with PVS-14 pattern optics: DTNVS, RNVG, RPNVG, UANVB, BNVD1431, etc