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Holosun LE321

  • $1,049.99


The LE321-GR and LE321-RD Elite are 
multi-laser devices that integrates green laser, IR laser and IR illuminator (and optional white light). It has a mode selector to choose the different functions. The three lasers are coaxial so that the operator can adjust them synchronously using same windage and elevation adjustments. The IR illuminator-focusing knob is located at the rear of the unit for ease of adjustment for user. Equipped with a QD mount, remote pressure switch and housed in CNC machined Titanium body. 


Power Source Battery
Battery Type CR123A
Battery Life (Hours) Up to modes
Brightness Setting Up to modes
Housing Material Titanium
Surface Finish Titanium
Adjustment per Click 0.5 MOA
W&E Travel Range ±60 MOA
Laser and Illuminator Type Dual Laser and Dual Illuminator
IR Illuminator Output 0.7 mw
IR Pointer Output 0.1 mw Low and 0.7 mw High
Visible Laser Class IIIA
Visible Laser Output 1 mw Low and 5 mw High
Storage Temperature -40℃ to 65℃
Working Temperature -40℃ to 51℃
Submersion IPX8
Vibration 1000 G
Dimension 3.7 × 2.24 × 1.46
Weight 9.52 oz


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - visit


• Coaxial visible laser, IR laser, IR illuminator, white light battery cap included
• Rear side IR Illuminator focusing knob
• Quick release mount
• CNC machined with Titanium housing
• Remote cable switch



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