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SBC (Spare Battery Compartment) - Gen 1 Discontinued

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GEN 2 available here

The SBC™ was designed as a compact battery storage solution to utilize the otherwise unused space on your rail, without adding clutter or any considerable weight. Many modern configurations include not only a white light requiring a battery, but also a MFAL of some type. Not including the additional battery that powers your Night Vision device. Having several pieces of equipment consuming batteries means replenishment is all the more important. The SBC™ offers a compact and secure solution for carrying a spare battery, or two.* Particularly useful for setups that don’t feature internal stock or grip storage.

The SBC™ is a battery storage device primarily intended for use with a primary cell CR123A. However, it can accept either a CR123A or an 18350 battery, with no swapping of parts. The 18350 will be a tight fit as the rattle stops are compressed inwards. If storing a CR123A after storing an 18350 you will need to lift the rattle stops up slightly to fully contact the CR123A again. Do not pry them up a ton, just a little is enough to contact the CR123A again. Repetitious compressing and lifting of the rattle stops will result in them weakening and breaking. This isn’t a huge concern as the user isn’t frequently swapping lights and lasers on their setup; meaning they will typically stick with one battery type. Alternatively, if you plan to only store an 18350, you can bend and pluck the rattle stop out on one side to allow the cap to thread on more easily. Should you need more storage, the soon to be released extended cap doubles capacity to 2 CR123A or an 18650 (intended for the in-line/offset variant).

We also incorporated two methods of tethering the caps, should you want to. An eyelet tie-off point on either end for some cord. As well as a recessed channel on the caps themselves for installing a crimped wire lead. Both points can be anchored to the eyelet located on the base of the SBC™.

The SBC™ can be installed almost anywhere there is pic rail. We recommend as close to your optic mount as possible. This makes efficient use of the otherwise dead space as well as aids in protection against impacts.



  • Includes 3/32” Hex Key
  • Durable nylon construction
  • Incorporated cap tether points
  • Ultralight construction: 0.51 oz (14.45g) including hardware
  • In-Line/Offset variant can utilize an extended cap for additional storage length* (This variant is not yet released and being finalized)