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N-Vision Optics NOX 640x480 Resolution 60hz 12 um 18mm Lens Thermal Monocular NOX18

  • $6,195.00
  • $6,695.00
- $500.00

The NOX18 is a thermal monocular with a highly advanced 12 micron 640x480 BAE thermal core with a fast 60 Hz refresh rate, providing the same image quality as the HALO series of thermal scopes. In addition to being a handheld monocular, the NOX18 can be used as a thermal sight with adjustable reticles, and can withstand the recoil of a 50 BMG. It can also be head/helmet mounted and be configured to right or left eye operation.


  • Dimensions:5.0×2.9×2.4 (CR123 battery without mount)
    5.0×2.9×3.0 (CR123 battery with mount)
    6.4×2.9×2.4 (18650 battery without mount)
    6.4×2.9×3.0 (18650 battery with mount)
  • Weight:12.6 oz (CR123 battery without mount)
    14.9 oz (CR123 battery without mount)
    14.3 oz (18640 battery without mount)
    16.6 oz (18650 battery with mount)
  • Monocular Magnification:Digital zoom: 1x/2x/4x/8x
  • Field of View:24.3 (H) ft x 18.3(V) ft; 30.4 ft (diagonal)
  • Thermal Sensitivity:12μ
  • Sensor Resolution:640 x 480
  • Display:OLED
  • Battery Type(1) CR123 battery
    (1) 18650 battery
  • Optic Details18mm F1.0 lens