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Photonis Defense Vyper Binocular

  • $7,299.00
  • $8,100.00
- $801.00

2000+ Minimum FOM White Phosphor Photonis Echo
From the global leader in night vision, the Photonis Defense Vyper night vision binocular unit is a light weight & rugged device. Utilizing a lightweight diopter assembly and advanced housing geometry Photonis is able to keep weight to a minimum. The Vyper is built from a proprietary nylon polymer housing and exceeds MIL-STD-810G. Featuring an aluminum dovetail and integrated adjustable inter-pupillary distance stops for solid lockup and consistent inter-pupillary positioning. The Photonis Vyper Binocular has been drop tested beyond the NATO and TOP drop test standard from 6 feet to concrete in 6 major orientations on a single device. The Vyper is powered by either Photonis Echo image intensifier tubes (custom FOM levels available) and assembled by Photonis Defense in their ISO 9001 certified facility.

 Additional features & specifications

• Weight w/ Mil-Spec Optics: 502G w/out battery
• Weight w/ LW Optics: 425G w/out battery
• Waterproof: IP 68 (20m for 2 hrs)
• Power: CR123 w/ 24 run time @ 68F
• Gain Control: Automatic
• Field of View: 41 Deg
• Range of Focus: 9.8" to infinity
• Diopter Adjustment: 2 to -6
• Finish: Matte Black
• Mounting: Standard Dovetail, Aluminum
• Additional: Friction Lock inter-pupillary adjustment (IPD) independent channel articulation / operation