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Ready to ship Photonis ECHO High Gain RNVG

  • $5,499.00
  • $6,499.00
- $1,000.00

These Photonis High Gain RNVG are built and ready to ship with no lead time! 

Please note: Any color differences in the photos are a result of the camera auto balance correction.  

Tube images were captured while on the Hoffman ANV-126A viewing the spot target/reticle and may not reflect all cosmetic aspects; pepper, lighting, shadows, etc. Device image is a stock photo and is not the exact individual photo of your device housing and lens.

Includes: device, data sheet, lens wipes, objective lens covers (day cap), ocular lens covers.

The RNVG (Ruggedized Night Vision Goggle) is at the top of its class in durability and ruggedness. Any user familiar with a PVS-14 will find the controls to be intuitive. The switch and focusing functions are identical to the PVS-14. The switch has 3 positions: Off, On, and On with IR illuminator. The RNVG has IR signaling capability. As a safety feature the switch knob must be pulled out to turn the IR illuminator on and a red indicator light appears in the viewing plane to alert the user that the illuminator is on.