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Infiray Jerry CE5 Clip-On Thermal Imager Kit

  • $3,899.00
  • $4,099.00
- $200.00

The Infiray Jerry CE5 increases your detection capabilities beyond what is normally capable with traditional image intensifier systems. The Jerry CE5 utilizes a 12 micron 640×512 thermal sensor with an injection arm that projects a 30.5 degree image into the objective lens of your night vision device.

The current version of the Jerry CE5 thermals use software that facilitates image alignment. It has three visual modes: Outline, Patrol, and Full Thermal.

  • Latest 12μm HD infrared module, stronger, lighter, and smaller.
  • Ultra-low load, provides quick installation
  • Quick removal interface allows plug-and-play infrared fusion function.
  • Fusion display and threat recognition.
  • Multiple application modes facilitate hot target searching and displaying, aids in users grasp of the initiative.

The Jerry CE5 uses a remote battery pack for extended run time while shifting headborne weight to a more advantageous and comfortable location. The Jerry CE5 can achieve around 8 hours of continuous battery life.

The Jerry CE5 comes with an external battery back that takes 2x 18650 flat-top batteries, a power cable and a battery pack mount, in a custom hard case.